Hole Waimea

The Warriors of the Kīpu’upu’u

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This article by Kīhei and DeSilva dissects the meaning and history of the chant “Hole Waimea”. Written in stunning detail with extremely well researched background information that is all thoroughly cited. This article is a must read in order to understand the complicated pre-contact history of Waimea and the Ali’i class as well as the complexities of translating Hawaiian poetry into English.

Hana Waimea

A mele in commemoration of Kamehameha’s eviction of Keōuakū‘ahu‘ula

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A rarer less known companion chant to “Hole Waimea”is discussed in this article by Kīhei and Māpuna DeSilva. Again, extremely detailed and well researched, this is a chance to learn more about the historical context of many of the battles that were prevalent during the time of Kamehameha. With the well cited footnotes and references, this read offers significant opportunities to learn more about Waimea.


About the song as recorded by Eddie Kamae and the Sons of Hawai’i

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Wai’aka House

Learn about a historic home in the Wai’aka section of Waimea.

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Anna Ranch

A chapter of Waimea history.

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Spencer House

The first house in Waimea.

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